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Our extensive range of translation services
Document translation
From equipment manuals and technical specifications to scientific and innovative reports and R&D works
Website and software localization
We work with different CMS, API's cope with huge volumes of content.
Post Editing and Proofreading
Any field-specified documents can be handled by our dedicated and experienced proofreaders and editors
Design and DTP Formatting
Various file formatting including Desktop Publishing and design
Any part of your business will sound as local
Safety Manuals, eLearning Localization, Bill of Materials, Non Disclosure (NDA), Blueprints, Operating Manuals, CAD Drawings, Patents and agreements, Catalogs, Promotional Materials, Contracts with International Sites and contract manufacturers, Sales Training, Employee Manuals and HR, Scientific Articles, Engine Maintenance and Overhaul Manuals, Foreign RFP responses – 2 way, Software and Hardware Localization
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Industrial Manufacturing
Primary / Fabricated Metals
Automotive / Aerospace
Electrical Equipment / Machinery
Computer / Electronic Technologies
Chemical / Pharmaceutical
Food & Ingredients
Robotics Industry
Research & Development
Medical Devices Industry
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